Made Simple

Committed to making security easy & pain-free!


Made Simple

Committed to making security easy & pain-free!

About Us

Our goal is to change the traditional view of security...

It doesn't have to take weeks and $1000s to have a safe & secure home or business. 

With our products, we make safety and security easier & more accessible for everybody. 

No Middlemen, 

Ditch the Mark-Up

No Appointments, 

Forget the Wait

No Wires,

Easy Set-Up

No Service Fees,

Save Your Cash

Learn About The 

gyro One

PIR Motion Detection

PIR sensor (full form: passive infrared sensor) is used by the gyro™ One to detect motion. It receives and detects infrared radiation from it's surroundings. When the differences in radiation are identified, the camera triggers and begins recording

As PIR sensors are more sensitive to infrared radiation from humans or animals, your gyro™ One will dramatically reduce false alarms caused by blowing trees and bushes

Wire-Free Design

Simplicity being our goal with the gyro™ One, we wanted to eliminate as much bulk as possible 

Wires suck, and we all know it. With the gyro™ One we completely got rid of them. 

No messing around with where to run the wires, where to hide them, and most importantly no messing around with electricians

Real-time Alerts

We need to act on security alerts as fast as possible, we don't want to see a crime after it happens, we'd rather stop it before it happens! With live motion alerts we can do just that. If you're out when your camera detects a motion alert, use the two way audio function to deter unwanted guests as fast as they arrived. 

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