gyro One FAQ

What do the different icons mean on the main screen?

Please refer to the below image for a guide.

How can I adjust the motion detection's sensitivity? 

The gyro™ One's sensitivity can be adjusted with a slider in the device settings.

This is how to access it:

Step 1.

Hold down on your device, in this case "Backyard". You will see the "Device Management" pop-up. From here, choose "Settings". (See first slide)

Step 2.

Once in settings, locate the "Human Detection" tab and open this. (See second slide)

Step 3.

You should now see the "Hover Detection Time" Slider. (See third slide)

This slider controls how long an infrared reading has to be in frame before a motion event is triggered. The longer the time is set for, the less sensitive the motion detection will be.

This slider can help if small animals like birds are frequently setting of the camera.

How can I disable the motion push alerts?

The motion push alerts can be easily disabled through the device settings.

Step 1.

Open the device management tab by long pressing your device, from here select "Settings". (See first slide)

Step 2.

Once in the settings, locate "Alert And Message", open this. (See second slide)

Step 3.

Once in alert and message you will see the "Alarm Push" switch, turn this off the disable the motion push alerts. (See third slide)

How can I delete all playback clips at once?

Playback clips can be deleted using the "Format SD Card" function in "Storage Management". 

*Please make sure you have saved any clips that you want to keep before formatting the SD card, as it will delete all clips. 

Please refer to the "How can I download individual playback clips" question to find out how to save your video clips.*

Step 1.

Long press your device to enter the "Device Management" pop-up. From here select "Settings". (See first slide)

Step 2.

Once in settings select "Storage Management". (See second slide)

Step 3.

Once in storage management you can format the SD card with the "Format SD Card" button. Before formatting ensure any clips you want to keep are saved to your phone as formatting will delete all clips.

How can I download individual playback clips?

You can download individual playback clips by holding down on the desired clip, tapping it to select it, then selecting the "download" option. This will download the selected clips to your phone's storage.

Step 1. 

Select the desired camera you would like to download the clips off. (See first slide)

Step 2.

Once in the main screen, select the "Playback" Option. (See second slide)

Step 3.

Once in the playback menu, find the the clip(s) you would like to download. Hold down on one, then tap to select the desired clip(s). (See third slide)

Step 4. 

Once selected, tap the "Download" button.

This will download the clips onto your phone's internal storage. (See fourth slide)

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